Fashion Designing

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Fashion Designing

Fashion Design is not something new to us, it’s been with us. Started back in the 19th Century.

Fashion Designing is the art of implementing natural beauty with design, art, and the creativity. It depends on the culture, which varies by time and place.

The attempt by each designer is to bring up clothing that is aesthetically pleasing. There are different styles, patterns and colours that are worn based on each occasion.

We guide each individual in our institute to become an Entrepreneur.

The uniqueness of Stitch Institute

We make things simple and elegant. We believe in the needle, that can empower each woman in our country.

  • Eco-Friendly Environment
  • Flexible Timing
  • 100% Placement
  • Affordable Fees Structure

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Duration 1 YEAR
ELIGIBILITY: No Eligibility Criteria

How to Apply

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    Give us a call and you are all set, we will take care of the entire registration process.

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    High-end equipment to train and specialize in all expertise in Fashion Designing.

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    100% Placement

    On successful completion of course, guaranteed placement will be offered by Stitch Institute

Alumni Testimonial

  • Kalai Dhevi

    THE STITCH is the "GATEWAY TO SUCCESS", the courses are well-structured and flexible to learn. I would highly recommend to all. There is a lot more to learn. I am happy with what I have chosen. Faculties nurtured my talent and I am finally making my own clothes. 🙂 !!.

  • Shri Niranjani

    Course cover all the major area of fabric design, art stitch craft culture in respect to our current fashion. Coming from an absolute different background learning the basics of stitching, carving cloths, a hand-sewing needle to stitch high fashion garment in a span of time. This helps us to uplift our future.

  • Saranya Guhan

    THE STITCH is an exciting place for the one who is interested in fashion designing. They provide you with tons of useful resources for the professionals and the home-sewers. All credit goes to Stitch Fashion Academy and the knowledge that I acquired help me in career.