Terms and Condition

    Terms and Condition

  • Kindly read the below-mentioned terms & conditions before signing the declaration.

    1. To apply for any of the course, fill up the enrollment form available at our office and it is compulsory to provide true details.
    2. Fee once given will not be refunded or transferable and will not be adjusted to any other course.
    3. Strict discipline and punctuality shall be followed by the students.
    4. There will be assignments, test and the examinations conducted by the institute from time to time. Students are expected to complete it as scheduled.
    5. Faculties may be changed without giving any intimation to students due to any management or administrative reason.
    6. To take any leave, prior permission must be taken.
    7. Course Extension will be considered only due to unavoidable reasons. Extension of not more than 15 days can be provided depending on the course type.
    8.  Student will not be allowed to take any terms related to the timings, faculty etc. The institute will be having full rights to take decision on every aspect of the academics.
    9. Attendance of 80% is compulsory for each student.
    10. In case of missing a session, that particular session cannot be teach again for individual student on particular subject.
    11.  Students are requested to handle the machines and other equipments in a proper way.
    1. Students if found indulging in any unwanted activities, proper action will be taken by the management.
    2. Students are expected to pay fee on time without any delay.
    3. We may also contact the user through SMS, email and call to give notifications on various important updates.
    4. In case of any dispute, the decision of the Management is final and binding on all faculty members, students & business associates.

    Fee Payment Details:

    PAYMENT TERMS  DATE                               AMOUNT                
    TERM 1    
    TERM 2    
    TERM 3    
    TERM 4    


                  I here by declare that all the information provided in the application form is true to behalf of my knowledge. I agree to abide by the rules, terms & conditions as mentions above of the institution on being granted admission. I also agree to pay the entire fee and other charges as per the schedule framed by the institution.

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